I know it's been said before, but it bears repeating...be SAFE this July 4th! Local police and firefighters have tips on what you need to do to keep from being hurt, or hurting others, while you're celebrating. 

Police Sgt. Bill Goodin says police officers will be working hard to make sure everyone's following laws and city ordinances and being respectful of others. One of the things he wants to remind residents of is that it is illegal to fire guns into the air to celebrate the birth of our nation. What goes up must come down, and you never know if that bullet will end up hitting, even killing, someone else. If you're caught shooting a gun, you will go to jail.

It's also against city ordinance to discharge fireworks after 10 p.m. each night through the 5th. And bottle rockets or any type of sky rockets with sticks are not allowed. If you have a complaint, you can always call the police department's non-emergency number...673-BLUE (2583), Extension 3.

And, as always, no drinking and driving!

The Shreveport Fire Department also offers these fireworks safety tips:
● NEVER discharge fireworks indoors

● NEVER allow young children to play with or ignite fireworks
● ALWAYS have adult supervision
● NEVER mix alcohol and fireworks use
● ALWAYS have water handy (a garden hose or bucket)
● NEVER pick up or try to re-ignite a Dud
● ALWAYS light fireworks one at a time
● NEVER ignite fireworks in any container
● NEVER hold a firework in your hand to ignite it
● NEVER place an ignited firework on any part of your body
● NEVER point or throw fireworks at another person
● ALWAYS obey local laws
● If possible, attend a public firework display such as "Rockets
Over The Red"

Hope you all have a very happy 4th of July!