During the offseason, Nashville Predators Captain Mike Fisher unexpectedly announced his retirement. The 37 year old Fisher said that prayer and talks with his wife led him to his decision to hang up his skates. Well, it seems that prayer and Carrie Underwood have now led him out of retirement.

During a press conference Wednesday, Fisher and the Preds announced that Fish's retirement is over. Fish has started solo workouts to get back into playing shape and the team hopes to have him on the active roster by the trade deadline on February 26th.

After falling 2 games short of winning the Stanley Cup, Fisher says he felt like he had unfinished business and than the team has a good chance of winning it all.

Fish is a well respect veteran and the team has looked to him in the past to be a locker room leader. You can read the team's statement on Fisher's return here. 

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