Quite a furor is brewing over what happened to a group of LSU fans visiting Destin, Florida over this past weekend. Tiger Droppings is the first to shine a spotlight on this mess.

It's a letter an LSU fan got from Harry T's restaurant telling him that Tiger fans were not welcome in the restaurant.

Here's part of the background on the story:

On Saturday night October 17th after attending a wedding on the beach, the wedding party consisting of 20 people agreed to dine at this establishment. We called and were advised 8 p.m. Was a good time. I arrived ahead of the party with my wife and another couple and proceeded to check for table availability. It was at this point that the greeter of Harry T, stated LSU fans were not welcomed here. I was surprised by this statement, and explained that I was looking for guest's of the wedding. I again was told we are not welcome, I proceeded to the rear of the restaurant and observed numerous tables vacant. But more so observed countless numbers of Gator fans at decorated tables. This did not offend me or cause me to lose my appetite. I then was again told by the greeter who additionally made a point to tell my wife that our party was not welcome. I realized it was the LSU hat I was wearing so proudly. We then left this establishment and all met at margaritaville for dinner. This is by all means one of the craziest things I have ever encountered as for as out right discrimination.

We all know, LSU beat Florida that night on the football field at Tiger Stadium. Apparently the restaurant didn't want any unruly LSU fans in the business.

Here's the letter from Harry T's:


So, do you plan to visit Harry T's the next time you are Destin?