A 50 year-old Lafayette Parish man has died after sustaining injuries after slipping on the ice. Louisiana is at the beginnings of one of the worst winter-events of my lifetime, and people are hunkered down for the most part. But, some don't have the luxury of staying indoors. Whether it be maintaining your property to make sure your pipes don't freeze, Or just having to buck-up and drive in to work. Folks are going to have to get out in a danger that, if they were born-and-raised here in Louisiana, just aren't accustom to.

We here in Louisiana are more ready than most to take on certain things. Floods, hurricanes, almost every breed of venomous snake and spider. However, ice and snow always seem to blind-side us on the rare occasion it decides to rear it's head.

The Health Department has officially reported the tragic death of the 50 year-old Lafayette man as the first death of the 2021 winter storm. The man apparently slipped on the ice, hit his head on the ground, and died shortly after.

The Heath Department is urging people in the coming days to take extra precaution in the ice and snow. People should heed this caution by only driving or leaving your home when absolutely needed. The ice from the coming storm will make things harder to get from A to B and more roads will be deemed impassable.

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