Firefighters in Shreveport are still wondering why some folks began throwing water balloons at them when they responded to an EMS call on Sunday afternoon.

Shreveport Firefighters

The incident happened at Ford Park in West Shreveport where a crowd estimated at between 200 and 300 had gathered for the afternoon. Shreveport Fire Chief Scott Wolverton talks about the incident and his disappointment to find out his crew came under attack.

Other firefighters say racial slurs were shouted at them in addition to water balloons being thrown at them. Chief Wolverton says he's still trying to get to the bottom of what kinds of remarks were shouted. He does say police responded and helped make sure the firefighters got out safely.

The Chief says "I do not know what cause the aggressive behavior, however, I am working with SPD to ensure our Firefighters are kept safe while responding to emergency calls. I would have to say this greatly concerns me as our Firefighters usually are not faced with this type of aggression."

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