A guy is desperate to find love and is willing to pay big bucks to find it!  All you have to do is hook him up with his future wife.

Why do I have a feeling it’s going to be very very hard to satisfy his request.  “Seinfeld” comes to mind.  A girl could be great but there was always something remember:  man hands, she’s too good, she eats peas one at a time…

Chas McFeely from San Francisco has a website, Hook Chas Up, to find the love of his life.  And he’s giving $10,000 to the person who finds her for him.  Sound a bit strange?  He says on the site “Fair enough.  Basically I work a lot and never had much luck with online dating.  I figure why not create a site where I’m the only guy”.

My conclusion:  It takes all kinds.  N’uff said.


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