The Finance Committee of the Shreveport City Council met today to discuss the recent change of insurance brokers of record for the city. Several key questions were raised, but few answers have been provided.


We have learned the city will not save one penny by making this change this year.  This whole mess started late last year when someone associated with the Adrian Perkins camp directed the city's Risk Manager to notify insurance companies the agent of record would be changing.  The Risk Manager Evelyn Kelly sent out that notification which was dated December 28th, a day before Perkins was sworn in as Mayor. We have also learned that Shanerika Flemings is the person who directed Kelly to send out that letter.  At the time, she was not an employee of the city.  She is now a special advisor to the Mayor.

During the meeting City Attorney Mekisha Creel said "We need to do more fact finding. This does not look good, but I'm not sure the motivations are the same as what you are presenting."

A full audit is being done on how this change was made and that report should be available in 2 months.


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