Police are investigating a fight that broke out in the overnight hours of this Louisiana Whataburger location. Parts of the fight were captured on video from bystanders at the restaurant. That video has been released to local TV stations, and has now been made public.

The fight happened at the Whataburger on South 5th Street in Leesville. According to reports, it took place just after 2:30am on January 15th. Leesville Police were called to the scene, but reports say that due to conflicting witness comments, everyone involved on the scene were released by investigators.

Reports now indicate that the investigation into the fight remain on-going. Leesville Police now believe that an argument between two groups likely started the conflict, which then became physical. The video shows multiple people involved in the fight, and police now believe that they have identified many of them. Its being reported that arrests are now expected.

KALB-TV reports that social media commentors are stating that soldiers from Ft. Polk were involved in the altercation. However Ft. Polk officials told the TV station that it has yet to be confirmed that any soldiers were involved in the fight. Police have also not confirmed if any soldiers were involved.

The fight is still under investigation.

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