We have all seen those epic pictures right? People are casually having brunch and a giraffe walks up to the window for a treat. I saw it on TikTok recently and I have had my heart set on a trip to Africa ever since.

Turns out I don't need to travel all the way to Africa, all I have to do is take a quick mini road trip to Ethel, Louisiana.

Do you know someone who is obsessed with giraffes? This could be the most epic birthday picnic ever. Here is how it works, you drive to Barn Hill Preserve and they take you down the road to their giraffe paddock.

Once you reach the giraffe paddock you get a small picnic lunch and interact with the giraffes. There is no guarantee that your food won't be consumed when you aren't looking. Those giraffes are sneaky.

It is an intimate experience, only two tables of ten are allowed, you will have to reserve a seat as soon as possible.

Tour guides are there to take photos of your experience with your camera. However, you can let the pros step in and take professional photos for an additional fee. Want to take the entire friends group? You can reserve an entire table for $500 and you get 10 seats. That comes out to $50 a person, not too shabby for an epic experience.

Click here to schedule your giraffe picnic at Barn Hill Preserve.

The preserves address is 11342 LA-955, Ethel, LA 70730, USA


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