Have you seen the 90-yard punt return touchdown by North Texas against Arkansas?

It was pretty genius as the punt returner catches the ball acts like he signalled fair catch (he did not) and as the players start to walk off the field, he takes off down the sideline for a touchdown.

Arkansas has a lot of work ahead after an embarrassing 44-17 loss to the Mean Green on Saturday.

UNT special teams coordinator Marty Biagi tells SB Nation his team has been working on this play for several weeks.

The coach says the play needed buy-in from punt returner Keegan Brewer. The play required him to stand like a statue while opponents are charging at him.

Biagi told the returner in August, “Hey, we’re gonna start practicing this during fall camp, and I need you to trust me.”

“And Keegan looked me square in the eyes and said, ‘Coach, let’s practice it until you know it’ll work.’ So instead of just practicing that once, my big thing is: don’t practice it till you get it right,” Biagi says. “Practice it till you can’t get it wrong.”


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