Whether you believe the weather people or not, winter is coming. No, unlike Jon Snow, I do know something...and that is the winter season will sweep the United States.

But it won't be the same everywhere. Different parts of the US have very different winter season. Some have heavy snowfall and very low temperatures, while others have more of an "extended fall" than a winter. Whatever you're looking for, you can find it if you want to take a winter vacation.

Even inside a state like Texas you can find varying winter climates. For example, the average high temperature in December for Corpus Christi is right around 70 degrees fahrenheit, while in Wichita Falls its 55 degrees. Some parts of the state will likely see some snowfall this year, while others won't see any for a decade or more.

But that also doesn't mean there aren't cozy spots in Texas for the winter season. In fact, two Texas spots appear on the list we have here. So Louisiana residents could check those out this year, and folks from Texas have various options they can look into outside of their borders.

Check out the 50 Coziest US Towns to visit this winter:

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