Caddo Parish Clerk of Court Mike Spence talks about election day, counting the votes and the plans to accommodate increased vote-by-mail.

Spence, unlike a number of election officials across Louisiana - and the USA - says he anticipates the counting for Caddo will be complete on election night.

"The election process, once the polls close, is the same as always. That won't take any longer. The only issue we have is lines at the polls at 8 o'clock. The person who is line last at 8 o'clock will still get to vote. I would would take about an hour after for the commissioners to close the precinct down and bring us the results.

And the Clerk then clarifies questions about vote-by-mail. "The mail in votes have a date they have to be in, I think it's November 2nd. We don't handle that, but we do handle the counting of them. All the mail-ins got to the Registrar of Voters (Dale Sibley), so he'll be handling that part of the election. But on election day we will start opening the envelopes at about 7am, start scanning all the mail-in ballots at about 10 and our goal is to have them all scanned in by 6 o'clock.

"At 8 o'clock, when the Board of Election Supervisors meet, we will get the results at that time and load them into the computer."


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