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Over the past few years, the decriminalization and legalization of marijuana has slowly been happening all across the country. The interesting thing is that unlikely other political issues, marijuana does not seem to depend on political affiliation. Super liberal states like California have legalized recreational marijuana. But so have super conservative states like Oklahoma.

In fact, yesterday was another great example of how political affiliation does not factor into the decision making process. Arizona, New Jersey and South Dakota all legalized recreational marijuana use by a large margin. While the vote was slightly tighter, it also passed in Montana. If you pull up any political map, those states range from dark blue to bright red.

So, the real question is: will Louisiana be next to legalize? Personally, I think we will get there sooner rather than later. Initially, the state was hesitant to even try medical marijuana, but after the initial pushback, Louisiana not only passed medical marijuana but quickly expanded its program.

Plus, Louisiana has a habit of waiting to see how other conservative states handle an issue. With places like South Dakota, Montana and Oklahoma opening up marijuana sales, I can't imagine that the cash strapped state of Louisiana is going to wait much longer before putting the issue to a vote. Louisiana may be a conservative state, but we have a history of being progressive on vice related issues like gambling. So legalizing marijuana will happen. The only real question is when.

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