Former Governor Edwin Edwards may seek to run for political office once again.

The 86-year-old politician discussed possibly running for political office one day.  The former four-term governor might just be drumming some attention to his new reality show.

"He's still sharp, he's got a snappy one-liner," said UL Lafayette political science professor Pearson Cross.  "Maybe he needs us.. to watch his show."

If the former governor is serious about wanting to run for office, and decides to run for governor in 2015, he would need a presidential pardon to qualify.

Edwards was released from prison in 2011 after serving eight years for a corruption conviction.

Age may be an issue for Edwards, but Cross says there is a precedent that says otherwise.

"Strom Thurman was 94 when his last term started," Cross elaborated.  "So by that standard, Edwards is a piker, he's a young guy."

If Edwards wanted to challenge Senator David Vitter in 2016, he would not need a pardon.  Edwards would be 89 years old in 2016.  But, Cross says the former governor would be a viable candidate.