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Education in Louisiana could be changing on several front. This is an effort by State Superintendent Dr. Cade Brumley who outlined his plan to improve 6 critical areas of education to address student achievement.

Brumley went before an education advisory panel to talk about his ideas. He says Louisiana is 49th in fourth-grade and reading, 48th in eighth-grade math and 44th in eighth-grade reading. Dr. Brumley says we must find ways to get better.

Brumley tells KEEL News he wants to find ways to address literacy from kindergarten through second grade. He is also looking at new ways to test students to make sure they are progressing.

Brumley's plan would be the first major overhaul of Louisiana schools in 20 years. He says the primary goal is to improve student performance.

The latest report has some bad news for our elementary students performance. Only 43% of kindergarten students are reading on grade level. Dr. Brumley says the poor numbers are more significant among Black students in our state.

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