We, as free Americans, owe a great debt to the brave men and women who secured an protected our freedom with their very lives.  Some have made the ultimate sacrifice on the battlefield, during training, or otherwise during the execution of their duties.  Unfortunately, a great number of service members lose their life to a lingering and devastating mental injuries (like PTSD) after their tour is over.

A Veterans’ Administration Suicide Data Report released in 2012 found that, on average, 22 veterans commit suicide every day. In 2013 an official non-profit organization was formed with the express purpose of reaching out to veterans suffering from a wide rage of issues that contribute to this incredibly horrible statistic.  22Kill has created several outreach programs designed connect former service members to one another in an effort to build a "tribe" of supporters looking out for each other (much like they did when they were active-duty).

One of the methods the organization uses to spread awareness is the #22Kill challenge.  The fitness challenge went viral after those passionate about the cause filmed themselves pressing out 22 push-ups and posted the footage on social media with a challenge for someone else to keep it going.  They did, and people across the country echoed their support by pushing out 22 and passing it on.

This year, personal trainer and fitness guru Jeff Enoch is taking the challenge to an insane level.  He plans on crushing 2,022 push up and pull ups today!  Originally the plan was to hammer them all out during a 12 hour span and at 12 different East Texas locations but, due to weather, he'll be attempting this feat at GymBox Fitness in Longview, TX this afternoon at 2:22.  The goal is complete the task in 2 hours and 22 minutes!

Follow his progress here!

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