A pile of drugs is found inside a Louisiana prison. WBRZ reports a corrections officer making his rounds at Elayn Hunt in St. Gabriel found a garbage bag filled with all kinds of drugs and other illegal items.

The WBRZ Investigative Unit says that bag contained cocaine, crystal meth, pills, pounds of marijuana and cell phones.

The TV station says there is no investigation underway by any police agency in the region. The report says only the Department of Corrections is investigating.

What Was Found in the Bag:

Marijuana, 7 pounds, .65 ounces
Synthetic marijuana, 8.8 ounces
Cocaine, 30 ounces
Crystal meth, 12.4 ounces
Suboxone strips, 37
Alprazolam, 14.5 pills labeled Y19
Synthetic marijuana sheets, 29
Cell phones, 15
Sim cards, 16
Phone chargers, 14
Iphone converters, 2
Phone charger banks, 2
Ear buds, 2
Cell phone blocks, 12
Rolling papers, 13
Large bag of burglar tobacco
Lighters, 11
Wire connectors, 1
Exotic Herbs, 8
Electrical tape, 1
Gorilla Glue, 4

There is a huge problem with this incident according to WBRZ. No one in law enforcement in Iberville Parish or St. Gabriel was notified about the contraband.

DOC Spokesman Ken Pastorick told a reporter for WBRZ they did not report the incident in an effort to catch the suspects making another drop-off.

But others claim the state was trying to cover it up and that's why details were leaked to the TV station.

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