Turns out your dream job does exist. Relish into the possibilities of all you can eat hot dogs and a really good Instagram account. Seriously, your friends will be totes jelly of your epic adventures inside a big ole hotdog. Just imagine driving all over the country in a wienermobile and unlimited hotdogs, this would make you the biggest success story of your hometown, at least it would for me.

We have questions. Is it all you can eat hot dogs? Do I get a really cool outfit to match my wienermobile? Do I get a wienermobile whistle? What's the pay? When can I start?

Oscar Mayer is looking for a Wienermobile driver, but they don't call them drivers, they call them Hotdogger's. Oscar Mayer will be taking applications until January 31st. Oscar Mayer describes their Hotdogger as a “goodwill ambassador” for the company.

In order to apply you need a BA or a BS, in public relations, communications, journalism, advertising or marketing. Sorry, this job isn't for us who dropped out of college, my dreams are officially shattered. If you are outgoing and love a good hot dog, or can see yourself driving a huge hot dog, you could be the next Hotdogger. Click here to get all the information to apply for the Hotdogger position. 


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