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It's a sad day in East Texas. Customers showing up to one of Marshall, Texas favorite Mexican restaurants, Don Juan's, were greeted by a big, red sign stating that, "Closed by order of the consumer health group of the city of Marshall.”

Wait a minute! Not Don Juan's!  But it's true. In a story originally reported by, we learn that a number of Don Juan's customers became mysteriously ill after a recent visit to the restaurant.

Also in the story we see that Don Juan's released the following message to patrons:

Hello everyone, our Marshall location has been closed as we work with the health department to investigate reports of some consumers becoming sick. At this time we have no information on when we will be open again or any potential causes of why people are becoming sick. Don Juan’s prides itself on [its] food quality and safety practices, and we thank you for your continued support. We will post updates on our page as more information becomes available. Thank you.

They don't know why the patrons became ill and they have no idea when they'll be allowed to re-open. Hopefully the customers who became ill are getting well, and hopefully Don Juan's and the Health Department will be able to determine exactly what caused the issue so that they'll be allowed to re-open and can make sure that the issue doesn't reappear anytime soon.

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