The latest headline from KLTV has us all turning our heads waiting to see what goes down in Marshall, Texas this evening. According to the article published by KLTV, the city of Marshall will be hearing a proposed resolution that aims to educate the community about the long history of slavery in Marshall, Texas as well as a formal apology from the city.

The proposed resolution also has its eyes on the confederate statue in Marshall, Texas. The goal is to have all confederate statues removed from the city. This isn't the first time that the city of Marshall has been faced with the idea of removing the confederate statue erected in front of the courthouse.

There is actually a petition on to remove the confederate statue that has been in front of the courthouse. Demetria McFarland is the one spearheading the change when it comes to the statue, her petition says "The statue is located on the grounds of the Historic Courthouse on the east side of the building. The statue was erected to promote and justify Jim Crow laws in the South, and assert white supremacy."

Tonight the city of Marshall will be focused on Councilmember Marvin Bonner. Bonner will be the one presenting the resolution Thursday evening. I took a look at the agenda for tonight's meeting and Councilmember Bonner has his proposition marked as "Consider approval of a resolution regarding Chattel Slave Reparations & Apology for Chattel Slavery in Marshall, Texas. (Councilmember Bonner)".

Bonner called out the city of Marshall claiming it was once “one of the largest slave-holding cities in the state of Texas,” according to KLTV.  Bonner is expected to demand a formal apology from the city of Marshall. Section 5 of the proposal calls for the Marshall City Council and Harrison County to work together to take down any and all confederate statues including the statue in downtown Marshall in front of the courthouse.

You can watch the resolution proposal live by visiting the city of Marshall's website by clicking here


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