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According to Fox News' Jake Gibson, during a conference call with reporters today, the United States Department of Justice announced there was "no indication" of "Antifa" involvement in the Capitol Building riot this week.

NBC News reporter Scott MacFarlane also reported on the Department of Justice announcement today.

The Department of Justice announcement comes as a counter to assertions by many voices across social media this week, who blamed "Antifa" for the riot at the Capitol Building. Those claims even came from elected officials, including Alabama Representative Mo Brooks, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, and Florida Representative Matt Gaetz, who made the claims on the floor of the House Chamber.

The "Antifa" movement is a loose set of groups, not a single entity, who identify under the tenet of anti-fascism. These groups generally include Redneck Revolt, SRA, Anti-Racist Action, and others. The individual groups like these all of leadership structures and memberships, however the concept of "Antifa" doesn't have a designated leader, or membership.

However according to the Department of Justice, there is no evidence that any of these groups participated in the riot at the Capitol.

According to arrest reports, the early arrests from the riot all appear to be supporters of President Donald Trump, or followers of the QAnon group. This first wave of arrests even includes Derrick Evans, a Republican member of the West Virginia House of Delegates. Evans even posted a video online showing himself wearing a helmet inside the Capitol Building.

Another person of interest who has been positioned as an "Antifa" member is this man, Jake Angeli...

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Angeli can be seen wearing this horned hat and no shirt in dozens of pictures inside the Capitol Building. He was originally identified as many online as an "Antifa" member, but Angeli is a well known QAnon follower, who calls himself the QAnon Shaman.

The 32-year-old Angeli is from Arizona, and has been active at multiple rallies and events in the past, including Trump rallies and Black Lives Matter counter-protests.

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