I'm not originally from Shreveport, so my knowledge of Shreveport's history is severely lacking. I just assumed, since it's Louisiana, that the history is similar to a lot of Louisiana cities in that it has a lot of Cajun and French influence. However, thanks to amateur Shreveport historians State Rep. Cedric Glover and Caddo Parish Registrar of Voters Ernie Roberson, Shreveport's history is a lot different than I imagined.

According to Roberson and Glover, Shreveport has more in common with Deadwood or Dodge City than New Orleans. There were brothels and gunfights and things you would expect to hear about frontier towns in Texas or Oklahoma or Arizona. Downtown Shreveport had a graveyard, much akin to Boot Hill, where those killed in gunfights were dropped off to be buried.

The first 30 years of Shreveport's existence was the Wild West. And Ernie goes as far to say that the gunslinger, outlaw attitude the city was built upon still carries over to today.

Our real identity is a LOT different than the image and history that those currently living in Shreveport try to project.

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