If you've grown up in the south, you may not know waht White Castle burgers are.  But if you've done any amount of travelling outside the south, then you probably do know what White Castle burgers are.

They are these little burgers, basically on a roll.  Very similar to Krystal burgers (actually, exactly like 'em I believe), these little burgers are a staple at Super Bowl parties I attend, or host.  But I usually have to buy the frozen variety, which are very expensive and sometimes in limited quantities.

So I scoured the internet to find a White Castle-like burger recipe.  Lo and behold, there was one called exactly that.

I highly recommend you try this on for size for your weekend Super Bowl parties, while you listen to the game here on 710 KEEL by clicking LISTEN LIVE, or watch it on television.

Thank goodness for Big Red Kitchen.  Click HERE for the recipe.

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