Reaction to the possible change to Shreveport's soon-to-be-implemented smoking ban by the city council is drawing tons of reaction...and it's mixed.

The addendum to the law, which goes into effect on August 1, would grant an exemption to the city's two casinos, El Dorado and Sam's Town.

The exemption proposal was introduced at the council's most recent meeting by Councilman James Flurry, who admitted to KEEL that he'll be changing his previous vote in favor of the law, saying that he feared that banning smoking on Shreveport's riverboats would lead to fewer gamblers and a possible loss of jobs.

That point of view was echoed by fellow Councilman Jerry Bowman. Bowman told KEEL that he will also be changing his vote from his previous support of the ban.

Here are a few responses from KEEL listeners regarding the possibility of giving a special "out" to the downtown casinos.

"I’ve heard many people say “I have a right to eat there without smoke.” Umm. No you don’t, because the business can simply refuse you service at any time. So you have no right to eat there at all."

"I for one will not be visiting ANY Casino that refuses to allow smoking. I don't subscribe to Progressive (Marxist) ideologies! I enjoy a smoke while I gamble and drink!"

"Erin, they're eating money at the casino political donation trough."

"I'd love to go to a casino but can't handle the smoke! They'll still have places to smoke onsite. They'll just have to get off their lazy ass to smoke."

"What about the bars throw bill out completely"

"As a bar owner in Shreveport I can tell you that if the city council votes to exempt the casinos from the smoking ban there will be a class action lawsuit filed. I have spoken to over 100 bar owners in Shreveport and we agree this would be necessary. To exempt the casinos would cost the bars customers who play video poker. With as much as 60% of bars revenue coming from video poker play it would be detrimental if this were to happen."

The Shreveport Council's vote on the casinos exemption will be at the council's next scheduled meeting on July 13.

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