Over a dozen Shreveport Police officers were on the scene in the Shreve City area on Shreveport-Barksdale Highway searching high and low for a possibly dangerous suspect.

Early Thursday morning police were called to the Shreve City Walmart to deal with a man causing some kind of disturbance. When police arrived and attempted to approach the suspect, he fled the scene and lost the officers. It was a dangerous situation, as the suspect was running from the police, he threw two guns in an attempt to rid himself of evidence.

Police were searching the Shreve City area of Shreveport-Barksdale Highway for several hours and at one point, the Caddo-911 website had as many as 13 units listed as being on the scene. The alleged disturbance was described by a witness as the man was in Walmart acting strangely and knocking items off of the shelves.

When police tried to apprehend the suspect, he resisted and officers then tried subduing him with a taser. The suspect was able to break free of the officers and break down the exit doors in the Shreve City Walmart.

After the lengthy search the man was found, and arrested after hiding out at a nearby apartment complex. The name of the suspect has yet to be released, and he is facing several different charges.

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