With a city council vote on the Cross Bayou project coming up soon, a new video promoting the controversial $1.5 billion dollar project has popped up on YouTube for all to see.

"People have told us for too long," the video begins with an "in a galaxy far, far away" intensity, "That we don't deserve a better Shreveport."

"We are Shreveport," it says, "And we deserve more."

The four-and-a-half minute pitch winds up listing the names and phone numbers of all seven of Shreveport's City Council people, urging video viewers to call their local representatives and vocalizing their support of the plan.

The City Council will debate the merits of Councilman Willie Bradford's proposal calling for a binding memorandum between the city and Gateway Louisiana, LLC (formerly Gateway Development Consortium) at their work session Monday (January 27) and a vote could come as soon the open session Tuesday (January 28).

Council observers don't think the votes to pass the Bradford memo exist, but only time will tell if this could be the final setback for the plan's backers.

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