As we consider alternatives in life, we are taught to gravitate towards those with potential win-win outcomes.

When it comes to the upcoming 2023 Despino’s Tire CMN Bass Tournament  I can only see wins in every direction I look.

  • It's a day on the lake fishing. (It's not like it's back breaking work)
  • It's on Toledo Bend (one of the finest fisheries in the whole country)
  • Proceeds will go to Children's Miracle Network (That's always a win when kids are involved)
  • The winning team will receive a guaranteed $20,000 (A great payday for anyone)

See what I mean?  Only "wins" for all those who participate!

Just last year alone, in 2022, the Despino Tire CMN Bass Tournament raised over $44,000 for our local Children's Miracle Networks hospitals bringing the total raised over the past five years to well over $100,000.  Definitely one for the "win column."

From Despino Bass Tournament on Facebook
From Despino Bass Tournament on Facebook

When Is It?

Slated for Sunday, March 12, 2023, the 2023 Despino’s Tire CMN Bass Tournament could prove to be life altering for so many; from the kids of Children's Miracle Network all the way to the winning anglers.

Weigh in will be held at Cypress Bend Park

This is a two-person team tournament and the 2023 Despino Tire CMN Bass Tournament Facebook page says that more info is coming and I'm assuming that will include a complete copy of the rules and any other details pertinent this year's competition including entry forms, entry fees and such.

How to Get Registered

Anglers wishing to compete can go to and submit their name and email address and once available, tournament officials will email them all the info needed to complete the registration form.

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