BREAKING NEWS, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter Titans running back Derrick Henry suffered a potential season-ending foot injury in yesterday's game against the Colts. This injury suddenly has major ramifications to the Saints Titans matchup on November 14th. Without Derrick Henry, the Saints are going to be facing a completely different-looking Titans team.

We want to wish Derrick Henry a speedy recovery and prayers to him and his family during this difficult time.

Thoughts Around The NFL On Derrick Henry's Potential Season-Ending Injury:

The implications for the Titans going forward changes the entire trajectory of their season. Derrick Henry was the engine, wheels, and frame that made the Titans car go forward. Looking ahead to the Saints' November 14th matchup, this news changes things dramatically. Now instead of worrying about how to stop Henry, the Saints can focus on Ryan Tannehill and those Titans wide receivers. Even though the Saints have only allowed one 100+ yard rusher since 2018, you would still have to worry about Henry. Now that worry isn't there which will in turn make things a lot easier for this Saints defense.


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