This sign was placed at a U.S. border in Texas by the Federal Government on an emergency distress beacon. It is written in three different languages, English, Spanish and Chinese, why?

The sign reads, "If you need help push the red button, help will arrive, do not leave the area."

Does the Federal Government just assume that someday someone from China will just stumble upon the border dividing Mexico and the State of Texas in the U.S.A.? Or is the Government making it easier for these people to get into America? Are our borders even being secured at all and does the Federal Government really want to secure our borders?

You will be amazed, maybe even frightened by what you're about to see in this video.

The video is from the documentary film "They Come to America II" by Dennis Michael Lynch.

Lynch says, "Based on what I have seen during my travels, an amnesty for 20 million illegal immigrants will push America over the cliff. In TCTA2, I risk my life, money and career in exchange for the truth to be told about border security and mass unemployment. Will my film help HOUSE members to reject the immigration reform BILL passed by the Senate? I don't know. What I do know is every American, including elected officials, who watch the film will be able to say they've seen the truth."

Hannity Special: The Cost of Amnesty w/ Dennis Michael Lynch

On July 4, Dennis Michael Lynch sat down with Sean Hannity for a special episode of HANNITY.

THEY COME to AMERICA II: The Cost of Amnesty (2013)
The most action-packed, eye-opening documentary ever made about illegal immigration has many people saying it's the film that can KILL the IMMIGRATION BILL.
But it's not in theaters because Hollywood and the mainstream media reject Dennis Michael Lynch (DML). "It's a must-see." - Sean Hannity, FOX NEWS