Earlier this year the Louisiana Legislature voted to reform the State's prison system. Part of the package of bills involved early releases for prisoners who are currently in the system.

Last week, KEEL News was able to obtain a copy of the list of prisoners who will be released on November 1st. The list was published as soon as KEEL was able to verify the authenticity of the list. Since that point, thousands from around the state have viewed the list, or have reached out to KEEL for a copy. Including some government officials.

You can view the list here:

Yesterday, Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator held a press conference yesterday to express his worry about the upcoming prisoner releases and new laws. The Sheriff said

“I know I get passionate at times. I’m not angry about this. It’s just stupid.”

The Sheriff added

“Let’s not take the keys to the jail and hand them over to prisoners. This is not Mayberry.”

You can hear Sheriff Prator's complete comments here:

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