How it ended up on a Washington D.C. website called The Free Beacon is still a mystery, but Robert J Wright and Erin McCarty's on air reaction to their 710 KEEL interview with Senator Mary Landrieu is 'going viral'.

In the segment following their eight minute chat with the incumbent Senator, the KEEL morning hosts joked about how Landrieu controlled the interview by time and again coming back to her charges of fraud against Republican opponent Bill Cassidy.

This story has made its way all the way to Fox News.

"You could say, 'What's the last pair of shoes you bought?'," said RJW, "And she'd say, 'Louisianans could buy more shoes for themselves if Bill Cassidy weren't a crook!'"

Hear full Landrieu interview here:

Or watch video here:

So, were they mocking or just poking a little fun? Take a listen to the controversial segment with Robert and Erin talking about their interview with Mary Landrieu on 710 KEEL...and you decide.