In one of the scariest scenes that has ever unfolded on an NFL field, 24-year-old Buffalo Bills Defensive Back Damar Hamlin collapsed after making a tackle. After Hamlin collapsed, medical crews immediately started administering CPR, before he was loaded into an ambulance.

The Monday Night Football game between the Bills and Cincinnati Bengals was immediately suspended, and was eventually postponed by the NFL.

Before Hamlin was taken from the field, players from both teams came out onto the field and surrounded Hamlin. Some of this teammates were visibly distressed, including Shreveport native Tre'Davious White.

Many know from White's time at Green Oaks and LSU, he is a player that shows emotion. He is one of the most positive players, who is excited and upbeat, but can also show other heavy emotions on the field.

White wasn't the only Bills player visibly shaken, in fact many players on the Bengals team were also noticeably concerned, including former LSU Tiger Joe Burrow. Burrow is the starting quarterback for the Bengals, who was on the field when Hamlin went down.

As of right now, Hamlin is being reportedly in Critical Condition at a Cincinnati hospital.

According to the NFL's official statement, the NFLPA has agreed to postpone tonight's game. But they did not announce a timetable for any other announcements.

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