Imagine what it must be like to find out your new contract is going to pay you more than $31 million...and everyone's telling you it's a lousy deal.

Well, that may be how Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott feels today after he was given the "franchise tag" by the team, which will pay the Haughton native $31.4 million for the upcoming season.

And why would a salary of more than $600,000 weekly show Prescott - in the eyes of some - disrespect? Because the quarterback's agent had been in lengthy negotiations with the Cowboys and had been asking for a multi-year deal worth more that $35 million a season. No last moment deal materialized between the Mississippi State product and the team, so the salary was set by the labor deal between the league owners and the players' union.

But despite the two sides being at loggerheads over a new contract, Dak expressed nothing but joy at knowing he'll be the Dallas signal caller - while talks with owner Jerry Jones continue. "I’m a Cowboy and couldn't be happier." Prescott said in an interview at “I look forward to working along Coach [Mike] McCarthy, the staff, and my teammates to be the best team we can be in pursuit to our goal of a Super Bowl.”

And what happens if, once again, Prescott's people and the Cowboys organization can't come to terms? Well, the Cowboys can, once again, tag him as their "franchise player." And what happens if that comes to pass? How much "disdain" will Dak have to deal with at that point? Well, another tag for 2021 would carry an annual salary of $37.68 million. That, by the way, works out to about to a little more than $700,000 of disrespect every week.



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