Haughton Bucs alum and current Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is a hot topic around the NFL. Not only is he currently trying to negotiate a deal with the Boys to make him the highest paid QB in the NFL...but, according to those on the internet, Dak was wearing a thong while playing the Redskins Sunday night.

Now, here's the thing for me...is that REALLY Dak? I know the jersey is kinda folded up because the guy is kneeling, but that looks like a 9 not a 4.

Either way, no matter who it is, it's working. The Boys are 2-0 and are set to take on the floundering Dolphins. I'm not gonna say the Cowboys are Super Bowl bound...but it is looking like it would take a total collapse for them not to win the Division and make a playoff run. 

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