The $1 billion dollar Cross Bayou project is a dream for a team of developers from the Gateway Development Consortium, but finding funding is one of the major hurdles.

The group is working with state leaders and local offiicials to try to get the ok to move forward. On the state front, the plan calls for a new state office building on the riverfront as we continue to deal with a delapidated structure at Fairfield and Jordan. KEEL News has learned millions of dollars is budgetted to make improvements to the current facility, but we wondered if that money could be used for this project, instead.

The developers have said Governor John Bel Edwards is "on board", but the Governor's officer has issued a statement saying only that "the Governor finds the development intriguing".

Administration Commissioner Jay Dardenne joined us to talk about the project and whether or not the Cross Bayou project would have the Governor's support.



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