It isn't difficult to find pictures or video from private security cameras of dirtbags slithering around in the middle of the night looking for easy marks.  It is way too easy for a criminal to break out a car window and access anything inside the vehicle.  But don't make it even easier by leaving your car or truck doors unlocked.  With all the talk lately of criminals' access to guns, please do not leave a gun inside a vehicle at night, whether the vehicle is locked or not.

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Shreveport resident David Langston recently posted a video to Facebook from a home security camera showing a couple of low-life, hooded thugs prowling around at 3AM looking for open, unlocked car doors.

And this type of behavior is not restricted to just any particular neighborhood or section of town either.  According to the City of Shreveport website, crime statistics from March of this year, (the last month published) show burglaries and thefts within the city of Shreveport:


Residential- 2022- 69   2021- 70 -1%
Business- 2022-18  2021- 27 -33%
TOTAL- 2022-87   2021-97 -10%


Purse Snatching 2022-2   2021-1 100%
Shoplifting 2022-60 2021-  76 -21%
Theft from Business 2022-33  2021- 24 38%
Theft from Residence 2022-72 2021-  83 -13%
Auto Accessory Theft 2022-51  2021- 30 70%
Theft from Auto 2022-89   2021-124 -28%
Other Thefts 2022-52   2021-87 -40%
TOTAL- 359 425 -16%

AUTO THEFT-  2022-68   2021-75 -9%

There are some simple safety tips that you can do to help prevent you from becoming the next victim:

Make sure to lock all doors at night- both in your home and autos
Don't leave any valuables visible in your car
If you carry a gun in your car, bring it in every night- Do not leave it in your vehicle overnight- even if the vehicle is locked
Leave exterior lights on during the night
Be aware of any suspicious behavior or activities
Get to know your neighbors
Trust your instincts- if you are uncomfortable in a situation, leave immediately
Do not be afraid to contact police if you see something that doesn't seem right

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