Crawfish season is here and several local spots have plenty of mudbugs for you to enjoy.  Of course, you will find the prices higher at the beginning of the season and that is no exception this year.

The cheapest price we could find on February 4th for live crawfish is at Larry P's Boiling Pot which is a food truck set up on Bert Kouns and Cajun Seafood Depot in Benton area. Both are charging $5.50 a pound for live.  Others are in the $6.49-6.99 range for live. For boiled crawfish, you'll also find Larry P's and Cajun Seafood Depot selling them for $7.50 a pound. Chuck Wagon Crawfish on Wallace Lake Road has boiled mudbugs for $7.95 a pound.

Remember these prices will start to fall as soon as the weather warms up.  Last year, the prices for boiled crawfish dipped below $4.00 a pound at most places.

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