Dr. Martha Whyte from the state's Office of Public Health details the possibility of expanding the list of those eligible to get the COVID vaccine.

With the number of available of vaccine doses expanding, Whyte talks about who's next on the list and who makes those decisions. "I've heard (Governor John Bel Edwards) may drop the age to 65. I don't know if that's going to happen this afternoon. The more you open it, that's wonderful because more people can get it, but if there's not vaccine, it's kind of smoke and mirrors."

And what's the reason for the possible expansion? Has almost everyone 75 and over been vaccinated? Are the number of doses available to the state substantially higher? "We are getting more vaccine. That's the good news. For the last couple of weeks we've gotten bonus doses sent to our state because we're doing such a good job

"The vaccine we've received, we've ben able to get 90% of that into arms - we're one of the top states. That has afforded us some extra doses sent to the state and I thinkg (Governor Edwards) is trying to look at the best way to utilize those doses. We still have a lot of people on waiting lists. It's not going to be a broad opening. I think it'll be, perhaps, to 65 and that may be it."


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