COVID cases are now popping up as classes resume across Louisiana. Jefferson and Orleans Parishes each have more than 200 cases of the virus reported in students. East Baton Rouge has 108 school-related cases while Ascension Parish (just south of Baton Rouge) has 129 school-related cases.

Here's the data from Region 7 of the Office of Public Health in Northwest Louisiana:

Bienville Parish has 1 to 4 cases reported among faculty, staff and volunteers and 8 student cases.

Bossier Parish has the second highest number in Region 7 with 23 student cases and 7 cases among staffers.

Since school has not started in Caddo Parish yet, no cases are included in the data.

Claiborne Parish has 1-4 cases among staff and students.

DeSoto Parish has the highest numbers in the region with 6 cases among staff and 57 student cases.

No school-related cases are reported yet in Natchitoches Parish.

In Red River Parish, 1 to 4 cases are reported among staff and students.

So far, no school-related cases are reported in Sabine or Webster Parishes.

Click here to see the school data from around the state.

Cases are self-reported by K12 schools currently enrolled in the school reporting system.

More than 850 cases are reported in child care and higher education settings.

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