Did you attend a Louisiana wedding on September 25th? You might want to get tested.

This is my general fear pretty much every week. Naturally, I find myself at weddings every single weekend, or around 60 weddings every year. Over the past year or so, I've been incredibly lucky to not have performed at any weddings linked to a COVID-19 outbreak, but many of my friends can't say the same. In fact, I can think of at least nine friends who all contracted COVID-19 shortly after attending various weddings.

Still, the fun goes on, and that's just life now.

This week, the Louisiana Department of Health confirmed a COVID-19 outbreak following a Louisiana wedding held on September 25th. The wedding took place in Abbeville, LA.

It was a rather large wedding, with over 150 guests in attendance. LA Health officials believe that every guest in attendance was exposed and should get tested immediately, and follow proper quarantine protocol until their results come back. They did not specify the exact number of cases that have been confirmed from guests in attendance, but did use the word, "several" when confirming the news.

Dr. Tina Stefanski, medical director for Region 4 of the Office Public Health, says, "We certainly don’t want us to see ongoing exposures as a result of this so this is just simply a notification to make sure that people stay home, get tested.” She continued by stressing the importance of getting vaccinated, and maybe even getting a booster, before attending events with a large gathering, saying, "If you are eligible for a booster, especially those individuals who are 65 and older or 55 and older with underlying health problems get your booster.”

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