If you noticed something a bit off about the hundred dollar bill above, then congratulations!  You are smarter than the lady who tried pass off several of these "masterpieces" at a Safeway grocery store in Des Moines, Iowa yesterday.  Not only did the fake funds have very large, hot pink and bright white Chinese characters printed prominently on the front - all of the counterfeit cash had the same serial numbers.

The would be criminal mastermind was caught when she attempted to purchase a $5000 visa gift card with one real Ben Franklin and 49 fakes.  According to Sgt. Dave Mohr with the Des Moines Police, the counterfeit currency was actually pretty believable.  The fake cash looked almost completely legit, and the criminals behind it would have gotten away with it if not for the giant Chinese letters and identical serial numbers on 49 bills.  According to KOMO News, the crime is currently under investigation.

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