The College Football Playoff Committee announced today that they fully intend to release their regular rankings starting on November 17th. That's a huge deal, because the college football world remains in flux at this point.

While the SEC, ACC, and Big 12 continue on with their plans to play games this year, other "Big 5" conferences have called their seasons off. Even though Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields continues to gain support in his effort to get the Big Ten to play, as of right now the Big Ten and Pac 12 both plan to stay off the field this season.

Additionally, the "Group of 5" conferences have leagues sitting out, including the MAC and Mountain West. Which leaves the American Athletic Conference, Conference USA, and the Sun Belt with games to play.

But even of the conferences who are planning to hold games this year, most have rescheduled their entire year, with a lot of conferences only playing in-conference games.

This whole scenario could lead to some interesting playoff situations, which could include some Louisiana based schools not named LSU. Specifically Louisiana Tech and UL-Lafayette.

In order for either to have a chance, they'll have to lose no more than 1 game each, and will also have to have other conferences chew each other up. The second half of that might be the easiest part.

With conferences like the Big 12 and SEC playing most of their schedule against one another, each game is going to carry a ton of extra weight. Because one loss in a limited schedule could be disastrous. With the SEC already being a meat-grinder, this is going to create some odd records. You could see a lot of 2-loss teams at the top when its all said and done.

As far as the schedules for Louisiana Tech and ULL, they each have chances to make statements, and some easier looking games too. The path of least resistance looks like it belongs to Tech, but having more "tough" games on ULL's schedule could help them with the committee. Here's the challenges for each:

Louisiana Tech: 9/12 vs. Baylor, 10/31 vs. UAB

ULL: 9/12 Iowa State, 10/7 Appalachian State, 10/23 UAB

If both teams can win those games, and carry the rest of their schedule, each will have a compelling case for a Playoff spot, especially against 2-loss ACC or Big 12 teams.



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