Rush recently discussed the social media craze and explained why he thinks it could cause an extremely negative outcome for the US. He compared it to a TV show.

"I used to have the same attitude about TV shows like 'Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous,'" said Limbaugh. "What was that show? That show was basically telling you everything you're not and never will be, and I think all this social network stuff is like that."

All that these social media sites do is cause people to tell their every move on a minute-by minute-basis, he added. It allows them to think they are "celebrity status" and that people actually care about what they do. What about the people who do not do a lot during the day, week, or even month? What do they see when they get on their account?

"Instead of all this social network stuff ostensibly bringing everybody closer, I think it's gonna have a much different impact on most people, and it's gonna end up telling them how left out of things they are," Limbaugh said.

What do you think about the social media craze?