Every day we realize more and more how the effects of the Coronavirus and the accompanying rules, regulations and mandates that define our "new normal" have impacted our day to day lives. Most of us live in a world without handshakes, crowded spaces and traditional workplaces. But how about our eating habits? How has the pandemic impacted the way Americans get our daily calories?

Prior to the pandemic, it seemed that "healthy" was the wave of the future. Traditional fast food was being in the crosshairs of the farm-to-table, gluten free and Keto crowds.. But now, because of quarantines social distancing and in many cases, mandated contactless service, the drive thru and the carhop are once again all the rage.

Well, acccording to a new study from TOP Data, fast food consumption is greater than ever and still growing. And here in Louisiana, who tops the list? Maybe it's no surprise that Popeyes has been the fast food destination of choice in Louisiana since the COVID 19 "stay-at-home" rules were put in place.

Meanwhile, across the country, Sonic - known for its 1950's style drive-in carhop service - has cemented its place as the preferred fast food destination for diners who have ventured outside their home, with mainstays as McDonald's, Wendy's, Taco Bell and Chick-Fil-A continuing to hold their own.

So, according the the newest TOP Data metrics, here are Louisiana's Top Five fast Food Destinations!

1) Popeye's

2) Sonic

3) Raising Cane's

4) McDonald's

5) Subway

To see all the TOP Data information and a breakdown of the favorite fast food restaurants in every state during the Coronavirus era, JUST CLICK HERE!

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