If you look back to the firing of Les Miles in 2016, its kind of hard to believe that Ed Orgeron is still the head coach of LSU. If you remember, shortly after Les was dismissed, LSU began looking at "big time" coaching choices like Tom Herman. The rumor online and word from the school Athletic Director at the time was that they were looking for a big name and that Ed wasn't the guy. Well, times certainly have changed.

It would appear, that Coach O is going to be "our guy" for a while longer. According to reports, O and LSU are working out the details of a contract extension. Ed's current deal is up in 2021 and the school is trying to lock him down for the future.

Currently, Orgeron is 36th on the list of head coaches pay in college football. But, after an extremely successful year, his new deal is likely to move him up those ranks quite a bit. In fact, he's currently the tenth highest paid coach in the SEC...despite being 25-9 over his run at one of the biggest college programs in the country. To put this in perspective, the head coach at Vanderbilt gets paid more than O. So, I'm happy to hear that LSU is going to pay this man.

No details on the terms of Coach O's contract extension have been leaked out at this time, but it is expected that he's going to be paid a substantial amount of money for a long period of time.


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