If you could pump even the most ardent Alabama fan full of truth serum ( and admittedly, it might take a lot), they'd have to admit what Tigers fans - and those in the know have - have already acknowledged: That the 2019 - 20 LSU football season stands up as one of the greatest in the history of the game!

From big early season wins over Texas and Auburn, to a season defining victory over Alabama, to the championship game against Clemson that wasn't as close as the score, Coach Ed Orgeron's Tigers met every challenge. And in the same way that this LSU team "came from nowhere," so did the man who led them.

Previously fired from Ole Miss, disrespected by Southern Cal and, in his own words, sometimes his own worst enemy, the beloved Coach O not only changed the way that LSU football is played, but also changed - at least for a wonderful while - the attitude of an entire state!

Here are a few photos from this memorable season, featuring photos of the man that you probably haven't seen...and enjoyed!

'Coach O' Championship Photos You Haven't Seem


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