Turns out, where there is smoke, there really is fire.  We have been hearing the rumblings and speculation that Sean Payton might have coached his last game for the Saints, and today we have found those rumors were true.

It was a good run that ended a little bumpy, but for the past fifteen seasons, Coach Sean Payton has led the New Orleans Saints.

Those days are over.  In a report from the louisianaradionetwork.com, we have learned that Payton has announced he is leaving the Saints.  In their report we see that they got the news after speaking with with Editor in Chief of Canal Street Chronicles, Ross Jackson, who says "it appears Payton’s decision is about taking a break from the NFL coaching grind."

Jackson continues about Sean Payton saying, "potentially stepping away to take on some television opportunities, potentially even to stepping over to other teams, we kind of got the inkling it was either New Orleans or nowhere for the Sean Payton and now it’s looking like the latter.”

When Payton first took over the head coaching position in New Orleans in 2006, the team had only experienced one playoff victory in all the years since their founding in 1967.

Obviously, Payton completely changed the dynamics for the Saints during his tenure, even leading the team to its only Super Bowl Championship in 2010 with a 31-17 victory over the Indianapolis Colts.

In his time with the Saints, Coach Payton posted a record of 161 wins and 97 losses, including playoff games.

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