The Shreveport City Council has unanimously voted to change some liquor laws in the city. The changes will allow stores and bar owners to sell hard liquor on Sundays as well as set a uniform 'closing time' for bars and night clubs.

Councilman Jeff Everson talked with Robert and Erin this morning to discuss why he felt the changes were needed. Everson told KEEL that this levels the playing field for businesses, helps cut down on paper work, makes it easier for police to do their job and increase revenues for both business owners and the city.

Bars and Liquor stores will now be able to sell hard alcohol Monday through Sunday between the hours of 6 am to 4 am.

Everson says that this is just the first step in updating Shreveport's laws to make it better for businesses and residents.

You can read a statement about the ordinance and the changes that are being made below:

The Alcohol Beverage Office (ABO), a division of the Shreveport Police Department (S.P.D.), and the Office of the City Attorney have teamed-up to completely revise and update the City’s alcohol laws located in Chapter 10 of the City Code. The Ch. 10 Project is currently proceeding but, due to the extensive nature of the project, is not yet complete. In the meantime, the City has been contacted by businesses requesting that a few revisions be made sooner, rather than later, to allow local (City) alcohol Sunday sales and to expand the hours of operation to be more business friendly. Currently, City Sunday sales prohibitions are not evenly applied to all business – some are allowed to sell and serve alcohol while others are not. In addition, the hours of operation to sell and serve alcohol are also not evenly applied to all business locations and types. For example, some bars are allowed to remain open until 2:30am, others until 4am, and still others 6:30 am. Thus, this has created an un-safe “bar-hopping” scene whereby some citizens will keep moving from one location to the next according to the closing hours. The proposed revisions will grant immediate additional business opportunities and is anticipated to have a direct positive financial impact on the City and local businesses. In addition, the revisions create an evenly applied set of regulations to all business types and alcohol types.

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