Well, it seems like our own Angela Thomas spent the morning at the festival, and unbeknownst to me I might add.  But, I must have gotten there right after she left Saturday.  Or its possible I was sitting at an unbrella table eating, and eating, and eating.  There were several great food vendors, including this vendor that had the most fabulous $5 Beef Fajita Salad I have ever had in my life.

I've got to admit, I went to our Cinco de Mayo Fiesta for a couple of reasons.  I wanted to see the magician, Great Scott Illusions, I've heard he's great, and he was.  His show is geared more for the kiddos, but I'm a big kid at heart, so it worked for me too.  I went to eat, and EAT I did, all afternoon and into the evening. 


There was the jalapeno eating contest, which the fellow in this picture won -- but I had consumed a couple of adult beverages at this point and was able to take the shot, but clearly hearing the contestents names, no.  He ate, I believe, eight large jalapeno's faster than the other three on the stage.

I must say I was a little disappointed in the HOT TAMALES RAPPERS who performed, only because it seemed like they just weren't on the same page and that they were just rapping over records.  It was a little strange, but the young folks still enjoyed the rapping, regardless if it wasn't that great in my opinion.

There were a couple of really great regionally mexican bands that played into the late evening though that really got the crowd going.

I lived in Dallas for about ten years recently and have been to tons of hispanic cultural events and Shreveport's LULAC does a good job putting this Cinco de Mayo Festival on each year!  Congrats! 

I am already looking forward to next year, and the fabulous traditional mexican food is just a bonus!

James Stanley

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