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It has been one of the biggest questions during the COVID-19 global pandemic; how did this all start? Where it started was never up for debate, the virus outbreak initially began in China, and that information was suppressed by the country's leadership as it silently spread across the globe. But inside China, where exactly did it start?

Often real life seems to be inspired by art, like in the blockbuster film Contagion where a virus outbreak can occur when different animal viruses cross contaminate, and then have a "spillover" event where it becomes a human virus. Or like another movie blockbuster, Outbreak, where government forces weaponize a virus for possible use in combat. That is the crossroads of where we all seem to be when it comes to COVID-19.

While the World Health Organizations, or WHO, has held firm that their belief is COVID-19 came from and animal-to-human spillover event in China, US Intelligence organizations have a different option on the table.

Last week, at two different US Government hearings, officials inside US Intelligence again stated that a possible cause for the outbreak was a laboratory in Wuhan, China.

United States Director of Intelligence Avril Haines testified that a lab leak is one of the most plausible explanations:

"From our perspective, we just don’t know where, when and how the coronavirus was transmitted initially. We have two plausible theories that we’re working on. One of them is that it was a laboratory accident ,and the other is that it emerged naturally from human contact with infected animals.”

CIA Director William Burns also testified that the source of the outbreak remains under investigation. Meaning the origins of COVID-19 aren't as "proven" as the WHO wants us to believe it is.

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